Whole Hog Pricing & Order Details

Winter pricing 2019-2020 will be $3.50/lb for whole orders and $3.85/lb for half orders. Pricing is by hanging weight and typical hanging weight for our pigs is between 150-170lbs. We use Blair Meat Market in Blair, NE which is a USDA inspected facility. Processing fees for hogs is $0.78/lb plus a $75 USDA fee. We are taking orders now and they are filling up fast, so be sure to contact us today.

Why Forest Raised Pork?

Pigs in the woods, it's a beautiful thing. When we turn pigs out into a new section of our forest paddocks it's a delight to see all the vegetation they forage. Pigs both relish and benefit from a wide range diet and a forest environment provides just that. We raise our own herd of Idaho Pasture Pigs which love to eat both grass and everything in the forest from nettles to walnuts and acorns. The diverse diet produces pork that we think is the best ever, and we stand behind it. 

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