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Grassfed Beef Pricing and Ordering

We are SOLD OUT of whole/half beef shares for the 2023 season.  For whole/half orders in 2024, please email or call/text about when to order and discuss logistics. 


Why Grassfed Beef?

Grass-fed and grass-finished beef has always made sense to us. First and foremost, cows are ruminants and have the amazing natural ability to convert grass into a highly nutritious protein. To accomplish this on our farm, we try to mimic the large grazing herds of long ago by moving the cows each day to fresh pasture. This model turns a plant humans are not adapted to digest into a meat that is rich in Omega 3s and vitamins, and contains healthier fats than the grain finishing model. At the end of the day, it just makes good sense to raise and finish cows in as natural an environment as possible where they eat the forage they are biologically meant to eat. The price of grass-finished beef is notably higher than the grain realm. A big driver here is labor, we've dedicated a significant amount of time managing our cows. Where you spend your money does matter, and when you buy grass finished beef from our farm you are supporting a local family farm that is not only dedicated to raising animals humanely and naturally, but dedicated to managing livestock in a way that benefits both the environment and the health of the consumer. 

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