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Winter Meat CSA - Order Options

Our Winter Meat CSA/Delivery is once a month and we will be offering variety bundles as well as an "a la carte" option. Our bundles will include grassfed beef, pastured whole chickens, and forest raised pork (no lamb this year). The bundles come in small $65, medium $90, and large $115. Variety will depend upon monthly inventory. For example a medium bundle might include bacon, pork chops, ground beef, beef chuck roast, beef rib eye steaks, and a whole chicken. Small bundles will generally include 8-10lbs per month, Medium bundles will range from 10-15lbs, and Large bundles will range from 15-20lbs. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

Winter Meat CSA - Delivery

Sign-ups for the 2022-2023 Winter Meat CSA Season are IS CLOSED - WE ARE COMPLETELY FULL FOR THE SEASON. If you would like to inquire about next year, please email/call/text. Delivery is free of charge if you live in the Greater Omaha Metro area. 

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