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Our Products


Pasture & Forest Pork

We raise pigs in forest and pasture environments, where the pigs are always on the move. Paddock moves are key to maximizing the natural foraging instincts of pigs. From native grasses and forbs to walnuts and acorns, the pigs get as diverse a diet as you will ever find. We supplement a limited ration of local grains in order to ensure the pigs receive the right balance of nutrients. We accept orders for wholes or halves year roud.

Grassfed Beef

We raise our cows with management intensive grazing. Daily or sometimes twice daily moves to graze grass at it's optimal height and nutrition. We sell beef as wholes/halves as well as by the cut through our winter meat CSA and at the Sunday Omaha Farmers Market. 

Pastured Chickens

We raise a limited supply of broiler chickens each growing season when temperature is optimal and grass is green. Our chickens are raised on pasture and are supplemented with a limited ration of local grains.

We sell at the Sunday Omaha Farmers Market at Aksarben Village, we also have an online store located here. We also take orders for whole or half hogs and whole or half cows - call or text 765-585-2723 with questions.



The farm is also home to a small but hardy flock of laying hens. We put their natural foraging instincts to work to bring you highly nutritious eggs rich in vitamins and minerals.

Market Vegetables

A centerpiece of our farm is the garden. We grow a wide variety of produce ranging from leafy greens to the summer staple sweet corn. We will be selling our produce at the Sunday Omaha Farmers Market at Aksarben Village.


Mushrooms are fascinating and delicious. Using logs and wood chips sourced on the farm, we are currently growing shiitake, oyster, and wine cap mushrooms. Because mushrooms are weather dependent, we hope to have a regular supply as our mushroom operation evolves.

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